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Warrior Season 2 Everything We Know so Far

We love this martial arts television series! The show is from the legend, Bruce Lee himself. The concept being rejected a lot of times has currently been accepted. The handwritten script was provided by Sharon Lee, his daughter.

The executive producers for the series are Shannon Lee and Justin Lin. The director is, however, Jonathan Tropper

Warrior Season 2: Release Date

It is supposed to premiere on the 2nd of October this year. It was disclosed by a leading actor in the show.

This had made the fans thrilled and curious about round 2. It’s an honor to be seeing something from the legend himself.

The first season got featured back in 5th of April, 2019. There is no trailer yet. But we do have a teaser and an announcement.

Warrior Season 2: Cast

Here is a list of cast members expected:

  1. Celine Buckens as Sophie Mercer
  2. Dustin Nguyen as Zing
  3. Chen Tang as Hong
  4. Jenny Umbhau as Lai
  5. Miranda Raisom as Nellie Davenport
  6. Andrew Kojias Ah Sahm
  7. Christian McKay as Mayor Samuel Blake
  8. Dean Jagger as Dylan Leary
  9. Jason Tobin as Young Jun
  10. Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy
  11. Hoon Lee as Wang Chao
  12. Perry Yungas Father Jun
  13. Joanna Vandergam as Penelope Blake
  14. Joe Taslimas Li Yong
  15. Tom Weston Jones as Richard Lee
  16. Kieran Bew as officer Big Bill O’ Hara
  17. Dianne Doan as Mai Ling
  18. Langley Kirkwood as Walter Buckley
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Warrior Season 2: Plot

We all know it’s about Ah Sahm describing his journey to the wild west in San Francisco to search for his sister.

Season one is about his travel to America in a boat, where he was abused. He ignores it at first but is determined to fight back when it gets out of limits.

Shocked by his skills, he is introduced to become a fighter in Chinatown to a gang. Somehow, he finds his little sister who asks him to return back.

Ah, Sahm then gets himself involved in the gang wars. Season 2 is gonna be a continuation to this.

Here Is a List of the 10 Episodes From Season 1:

1. The itchy onion

2. There’s no China in the Bible

3. John Chinaman

4. The White Mountain

5. The blood and the shit

6. Chewed up, spit out and stepped on

7. The tiger and the fox

8. They don’t pay us enough to think

9. Chinese boxing

10. If you’re going to bow, bow low

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