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Warning!! Vapers and Smokers Are at a Higher Risk to Be Affected by Coronavirus

The pandemic has really taken its toll on our social lives. We are stuck at home for no good reason. We are doing those work from home stuff for our companies to make sure that the whole thing keeps on running or binging each and every series we are able to get on our hands.

Why We Need to Stop??

And there is other stuff like food. There are people who are eating like bears and doing nothing which is good and if not good, then okay.

But those who are sitting in their homes and doing nothing but just smoking their way put or using papers are in a critical situation. So, for them, they need to stop doing that as this could be fatal for their health and every doctor is saying out there.

Americans are trying their best to keep away from this thing but it looks some are just unable to keep up with the whole thing. Doctors of Massachusetts have already started to tell people about the downfall of using these things and with that, they are making sure that the whole thing should be like an appeal to the people of the state.

What Are the Doctors Saying??

There are doctors who are also giving the whole scenario of how these things actually have been our worst enemies. According to doctors “Whenever you are trying to take a puff of your cigar or vape then whatever was there within your hands is now going back to your mouth making your immune system to have a greater risk than imagine”.

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They added, ” And the second thing is, that these drugs eventually weakens your lungs making you an easy victim against the virus”.

So, people engage in something good and productive rather than doing something like that engage yourself in something productive and which can bring a change in your life and if that’s not possible just watch some shows out there.