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After a shocking film industry run that created $1.14 billion to turn into the greatest DC Funnies superhuman film ever, Warner Brothers.’ blockbuster Aquaman is getting a spin-off. Not long ago, we discovered Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick had been enlisted to pen the continuation, and today we learn Aquaman 2 has an official discharge date – December 16, 2022.

The continuation date is multi-week closer to Christmas than Aqua man’s December 15 discharge a year ago. 

Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson star in Warner’s “Aquaman” 

It was nothing unexpected Warner rapidly greenlit a spin-off of Aquaman, with talks starting soon after it became obvious the film was a beast estimated hit. Executive James Wan is haggling to return as a maker for the second motion picture alongside Dwindle Safran, however, there’s no affirmation yet about his goals to the chief. 

Nonetheless, Wan is required to in the end sign on to rudder Aquaman 2. 

Moreover, it is anything but an unexpected that Aquaman 2 is hitting theaters during the Christmas occasion once more. That outline offers an extraordinary open door for large movies to get their legs for a since quite a while ago run and enormous last multiplier, which is the thing that occurred for the first Aquaman film. Be that as it may, this time, everybody is on notice this is a billion-dollar establishment, so they’ll generally give the continuation a wide compartment, which thus makes a significantly increasingly ideal field of play for Aquaman 2. 

Yahya Abdul-Mateen stars in Warner’s “Aquaman” 

It likewise leaves open the late spring schedule dates for whatever extra DC superheroes advance toward the big screen, letting Aquaman sit a couple of months not far off as the headliner while the late spring release(s) ride some pre-discharge Atlantean coattails. 


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In the meantime, Wan is likewise building up a side project film called The Channel, which he will likewise deliver. That venture as of now has composing team Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald on board, and I’m thinking about whether we’ll hear word John R. Leonetti or Jordan Peele are on Warner’s waitlist of potential executives. 

Aquaman 2 is relied upon to bring back the awful Dark Manta, played to flawlessness by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who had a supporting job in the primary film yet hasn’t yet gotten the on-screen undeniable chief adversary for Jason Momoa’s Ruler of Atlantis. Randall Park is additionally expected to repeat his job as Dr. Stephen Shin, a researcher fixated on Atlantis. 

A self-contradicting family minute in Warner’s “Aquaman” 

So the DCEU has one more affirmed section on the big screen, close by Shazam!, Miracle Lady 1984, and Feathered creatures of Prey. Warner and DC Movies are independently building up a lot of other DC hero films that will have less – or no – binds to the past DCEU motion pictures. 

On the off chance that both Marvel Lady 1984 and Aquaman 2 play as effectively as their antecedents, at that point it’s reasonable the two establishments will get third portions. 

If it turns out the third Marvel Lady and Aquaman films are made, and on the off chance that they are fundamentally used to finish off the DCEU so the new DC superhuman motion pictures can commence a fresh out of the box new shared artistic world, at that point I for one figure it may merit considering making Miracle Lady 3 and Aquaman 3 a two-section story bend with the legends showing up in supporting jobs in one another’s movies, for a major Amazons-versus-Atlantis story.