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Want To Watch True Crime Series? Unabomber On Netflix Soon !!!

UNABOMBER, a true story of a 1996 American made for television biographical film directed by Jon Purdy and starring Tobin Bell as Ted Kaczynski, who is also known as the Unabomber.


It is a gripping true crime documentary about the serial killer dubbed the ‘UNABOMBER’. It is all about a graduate who began mailing bombs to Universities and Airlines in what he believed was a fight against technology and the world it had created. Originally named as Ted Kaczynski
ran for 18 years and ended up killing three people and injuring many others It is four hour long docuseries bringing new information and insights about the mind of a domestic terrorist.

Releasing date

Netflix is going to release globally with the exception of Canada Netflix Canada will not be able to see an Unabomber on February 22nd instead it can be available on Discovery Channel Canada on February 28 all the week and rule out it coming to Netflix eventually, it likely won’t be for sometime. we can get this serious documentary on Netflix from 21st of February 2020 and people waiting eagerly to watch this documentary can tune into Netflix as soon as possible as Netflix documentaries are worth watching!!

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Ted Kaczynski is notable because of the nationwide US Manhunt for his capture and arrest. To date, it’s the most expensive investigation in the history of the FBI. Unabomber was  declared terrorist in the United States for 17 years for the mailing bombs on universities and Airlines in anyone he found to push technology forward .
Hence Netflix always invest heavily in True crime documentaries over the years with its important titles including making a murderer therefore another True crime documentary is on the way to Netflix at the end of February that focuses on the Unabomber. This documentary series consists of 4 episodes across 4 hours that takes and in- depth look into that TedKaczynski also known as Unabomber.