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Violet Evergarden season 2 plot, cast, trailer and the release date confirmation

Violet Evergarden is a Japanese romantic drama anime produced by Kyoto animations. It
sets the story around Violet, an ex-soldier in a post-‘Great war’ world that aims at making
people realise the devastation that is a war and the power that is independence and unity
of the mind.

Season 2 release date
The Violet Evergarden season one premieredback in 2018 with 13 episodes and official word claimed that production for a second season of the beloved anime had relieved a green-light. It has been two years since then and we haven’t even got a trailer. However, the changes of Violet Evergarden season 2 airing in mid- to late- 2020 is very high as rumours have suggested.


As it is an anime there really isn’t a fixed list of cast member but some major characters such as Gilbert Bougainvillea, Cattleya Baudelaire, Benedict Blue will be in the series.


As there is no official word or a trailer to bide by, there is no tell what to expect from
season 2 but Kyoto animations have proven themselves to a studio that never runs out of
ideas. Speculations suggests that we will continue of Violet fighting her inner demons and recover from the psychological effects of the four-year long Great War; and also how
humanity rises again as harmony sets into the landscape.

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Movie or Series? The premier Dilemma.

The release of Violet Evergrarden is closer than expected however there is a controversy
that a Violet Evergrarden Movie rather than an episode wise series is to follow up to
season one. Only time will tell what Kana Akatsuki (creator of Violet Evergarden) has in store for us.