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Violet Evergarden Movie : Release Date, Cast, Plot Every Updates You Should Know

The Netflix show, Violet Evergarden is finally coming back to the fans. The anime series based on a light novel written by Kana Akatsuki, beautiful illustrations by Akiko Takase will be back to the screens this year for fans but it’s coming as a whole new movie. Here are all the details we know about the most beloved anime series.

About Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is an original, light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and beautiful illustrations drawn by Akiko Takase.

The book was published back in December 2015 and it was an instant hit among the manga lovers. Then the book got its anime adaptation which was premiered on the gigantic digital platform Netflix premiering the first season on Jan 2018 consisting of 13 episodes

. And it was hit. Seeing such a huge success the series got, a spin-off series was also released back in September 2019. But fans still couldn’t get enough of it. And finally, there’s a movie on the series that’s coming out very soon.


The story starts with Auto Memory Dolls, dolls that were initially employed by Dr. Orland in order to assist his visually impaired wife in writing her novels.

Seeing how helpful these dolls are, they get hired by other people who are in dire need of their assistance. Violet Evergarden, an auto memory doll, tries to mankind and society, experiencing and learning about everything of it.

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Violet Evergarden Movie: Plot and Release Date

The film was originally set to release at the starting of January 2020 but due to some untold reasons, it got delayed. But the movie is all set for a release in April 2020 on Netflix.

It will be released in a dubbed version for international fans.

Talking about the film, the animation company said that it will be completely a whole new storyline starting from scratch and completely off from the book.

It will be interesting to see what storyline and artwork the movie has in store for us.