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Vinland Saga 2: Are we getting a sequel? Release date, plot and other details

Vinland Saga is a Japanese Historical fiction created by a Manga author Makoto Yukimura and animated by WIT Studios.This anime series is set in 1013 AD England. England is captured by Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard. As the King gets old, a conflict rises between his two sons Prince Harald and Prince Canute over his succession. This series is set in a historical era. Due to its mounting popularity, the series gained a solid fan base. This manga series is said to be one of the biggest hits in the anime world.

After a profounding collection of 24 episodes, fans are demanding a 25th episode which will be the continuation of this series.
25th episode or Vinland Saga 2?
Let’s find out!

A sequel movie or season 2? What is the expected release date?

After the smashing ending of 24th episode, a rumour floated among the viewers. The rumour was that Vinland Saga movie was in process, which is not actually true. Vinland’s official twitter handle once stated, “We have a special movie for all viewers”. Actually, the reference was to a small clip attached to the post which doesn’t mean a full-sized movie. The series gained immense love and support by anime fans therefore a season 2 is mandatory. Anime news leaker spytrue claimed that the second season is on the run. However there is no official announcement yet. We expect the new season to be in 2021.

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Plot:what we expect from the new season!

The last episode discloses the killer of King Sweyn. Askeladd is brutally stabbed by Prince Canute. What is Thorfinn going to do now? Will he oppose Prince Canute? We expect a bunch of conflicts, war, spins and blood shedding in season 2. The death of King Sweyn will open several doors in the storyline. And throne will be in the hands of Prince Canute. To know the whole plot, we must wait till the creators make any announcement regarding the new season.


One of the main characters Thorfinn Karlsefni ia a real life person. He did existed in the early 1010 AD. He came to Vinland and settled there will his wife and child. The real Thorfinn was way different than as portrayed in the series.
In historical times, Thorkell was the commander-in-chief of the Jomsvikings tribe. And many other characters are based on different legends from the past. This shows that how beautifully the creators have connected the links and summed up a mind-boggling storyline for us.

The official news for the newest season is yet to be released. Anime lovers will have to wait for a bit more. The fruit of patience will be way more sweeter this time.

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