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Vikings Season 6: Has Alexander Ludwig Betrayed Björn’s Fate?

Viking’s season 6 has confused: is Bjorn dead or not? A deleted picture of Alexander Ludwig on Instagram could provide relevant information regarding the context.

Vikings is just taking a break after the season 6 midseason finale, but fans are sure to be bothered by some questions until the series returns. The fate of Björn hangs in the air, which is stabbed by Ivar in the latest episode – if everything wasn’t just in his head.

Does Bjorn still live in Vikings? What are the Fan made theories regarding Vikings Season 6?

The picture shows Ludwig, who was apparently in the mask on the Vikings set. He is wearing a gray beard with which we have not yet seen the King of Kattegat in the series. His scalp hair is also significantly longer compared to season 6A.

The photo of Ludwig himself is commented with the words: ” Right now I feel like a hipster shortly before shooting an advertisement for beard oil.” The picture could suggest that in Vikings season 6, there is an even more significant leap in time, and fan-favorite Björn survives the entire series. This is theoretically possible if his discussion with Ivar on the beach is not real at all but rather is only symbolic.

In interviews, Alexander Ludwig and Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst already indicated that Björn would return at least ” in some way” or that our current assumptions may turn out to be “not quite as correct ” if season 6 continues.

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