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Vietnam states that Facebook is in violation of its new controversial law

On Wednesday, 9th January, state media of Vietnam announced that social media giant, Facebook is in direct violation of Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law as it allowed users to openly post anti-government comments on the platform.

Citing the Ministry of Information and Communication, the official Vietnam News Agency said, “Reportedly, Facebook had not responded to a request to remove fan-pages that provoked activities against the interest of the state.”

Reuters contacted Facebook to comment on the matter, however, the news publication did not receive any response.

Adding to the report, the agency further said, citing the Vietnamese ministry that Facebook also permitted defamation of individuals and organizations and personal accounts to upload posts containing anti-government sentiment and “slanderous” content.

Quoting the ministry, the news agency said, “This content had been found to seriously violate Vietnam’s Law on cybersecurity” and government regulations on the provision, use of internet services and management.

However, there are several company officials that have gone on to privately express concerns regarding the new law which came into effect on January 1st,  claiming that this new law would possibly make it easier for the authorities to seize customer data and expose local employees to arrest.

In a report published on Wednesday, 9th January, the agency said that Facebook neglected its obligation to provide information on “fraudulent accounts” to Vietnamese security agencies.

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As per reports, the information ministry has also looked at ways to impose taxes on Facebook for advertising revenue from the platform.

Citing a Market Research company, the report states that back in 2018, nearly $235 million was spent on advertising on Facebook in Vietnam in 2018, however, the social media giant had ignored all its tax obligations there.