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Vice President Mike Pence Now Tested Negative From COVID 19

On Friday the United States President and his wife was tested positive for Corona virus and are now under doctor’s observation. Even the vice president of America Mike Pence was asked to be under quarantine to be observed for corona. But pence personal doctor cleared this he’s not in any situation that he get to be quarantined. Pence is all fit and wasn’t in any direct contact with any corona positive patient so he can just go on with normal life Pence doctor added. In starting some Healthcare personalities was against this decision but today morning Vice President’s result came negative so it’s a relief for now.

What Are Thoughts of People Over This

Hudak at Friday series said that “the vice president’s health right now is critically important as the president’s health” We can’t take risk as it is the matter if national security of USA. It is said that there should be more testing, one single negative text don’t clearify much it don’t shows much response between the next 24 hrs of contact with positive patient. But Pence wasn’t in direct contact so he’s allowed to be around people.

How vice president is dealing in the place of President Trump. 

Mr pence will take over as president Trump is corona positive. He is scheduled to debate his Democratic rival on Wednesday in Utah. There are no plans to cancel the program. Mr Pence filled for President Trump for the conference with governors about corona pandemic. Mr Pence is 61 year old and a Christian conservative former lawmaker and is known to have Presidential ambition of his own.

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The transfer of powers like this only happened thrice before this in the US history. The president George W. Bush temperoroly given powers to the vice president Dick Cheney in 2002 and 2007 while undergoing Colonoscopies. This happened again under the circumstances of President Trump being positive corona. It is also said that president is also managing things even after being in isolation as it’s crucial time for presidential election.