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Venom 2 Will Astonish It’s Fans : Release Date, Cast, Plot and Expectations

Spider Man has become a household name over the years and so has Venom. A villain who is devastating, horrifying dangerous and funny- deadly combination. Above elements do make for a perfect Marvel Villain. The standalone movie of this villain was a blockbuster with very positive reviews by fans.

People started talking about a sequel to the movie. Studios have confirmed that there will be a next installment of the movie anytime soon. Last week, through a tweet, Fox confirmed that the new movie’s shooting had been completed. It would be released in 2020 itself. Interested parties became excited after hearing the news of release.

We are Venom 2: Plot

In the previous movie, we saw how Eddie Brock synergised with Venom, to kill Riot, a powerful virus. It had manifested itself in the body of Carlton Drake. We saw a vicious fight between the two virus streams and ultimately Venom prevailed. Although Eddie says that he has got rid of the virus, in the end we see Venom still residing in his body. The storyline to the latest movie is still quite unknown. Generally a lid is kept on the plot of these movies. We can definitely gauge the plot will begin from where the last movie left off.

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We will see a budding friendship between Eddie and Venom. Brock even gets back his job but is much more conscious while performing it. However, twist arrives when he gets to know that Venom had an offspring in the form of Carnage, the most powerful virus of them all. It is expected that he would come for blood as Venom had abondoned him. The wrath of Carnage might have catastrophic consequences for humanity. Eddie and Venom has go fight and kill it.

We are Venom 2: Cast

The movie definitely has a very exciting cast. Tom Hardy will again play the character of Eddie Brock aka Venom. In supporting role would be Michelle Williams as Anna Weying. Woody Harrelson will play the character of Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. There is suspected rumors that Naomi Harris night be there in the movie. She will play the character of Shreik.

We are Venom 2: Release Date

The Studio’s confirmed that the movie will release on October 10, 2020. It was previously slated to release in the month of July. Owing to the circumstances of Coronavirus, the scheduled release date has been deferred to October.