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Venom 2: Premiere Date, Upcoming Cast, Plot and More Details You Should Know

Venom is the first movie which was released under the banner of Sony Marvel Universe. It is based on the same villain character of Spiderman. For the first time we saw this character in the movie Spider man-3 however this was an initiative taken by Marvel Universe to bring up a standalone villain movie just DC’s Suicide Squad and Joker etc.

However, unlike its DC rival Venom was not that a great success though fans loved the action sequence and acting of Tom Hardy but still somewhere few things where missing in the story and plot. With first part being exposed to mixed review the franchise is moving towards a second one.

Venom 2: Premiere date

Due to Corona virus pandemic majority of the production have been halted due to that we do not have any specific information related to the release date or production of the movie however there are speculative information available which states that the production of the movie has already began and the movie will hit the theater by October 2020 however Sony hasn’t made any official statement yet regarding the release date but still so far there is no news about the delay also, so fan can expect the movie by End of this year.

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Venom 2: Plot

After first film of Venom ended fans got a rough idea about who is going to come in next film though there is no official information about the plot available but the director of the movie has confirmed that this movie is going to be an extraordinary piece of work. But one thing is sure fans had already guessed the presence of the next character in the film and that is another Symbiotic Creature Carnage.

Venom 2: Cast

One thing is sure that Tom Hardy will be returning as Venom apart from that Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Naomie Harries will be there for second part.

Venom 2: Other updates

So far the official date of the trailer is not known however with available information it is believe that the trailer will hit the internet very soon till then fans can enjoy the teaser available in internet