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Val Kilmer Top Gun 2 Release Date, Cast and All the 2020 Updates

Tom Cruise was always a star in the reckoning since the first day he stepped foot on Hollywood. But it was in 1986 with Top Gun that he truly established himself as the top draw in Hollywood. This 1986 classic, about American fighter pilots, went onto become one of the greatest movies ever made. Since then legions of people across the world have been waiting for a sequel. Now finally you can breathe a sigh of relief as Top Gun Maverick is slated to arrive this year.

Top Gun 2: Plot Details

In this installment, we see Pete Maverick Mitchell still at the Top Gun Academy. In spite of several opportunities he has not left the academy and has stuck around while all his compatriots are no more. Over the years, Pete has established himself as the greatest fighter pilot in America’s history. Now he is a much senior member and a hands-on instructor. But his need for speed is still not quenched. Here we will see Pete instructing a group of the finest fighter pilots in the USA. Most of them are graduates from Top Gun and have returned here as part of special training. Pete will teach them to dogfight with two aircraft simultaneously. That’s when these kids would get to know the legends that they heard about Maverick are all true. They would realize why he is the finest combat pilot ever. Some of the classic scenes from the first movie are also recreated. They include the pilots in the bar and Pete in his motorcycle riding in the sunshine. However, the volleyball scene is replaced by football yet the emotions of the scene are intact.

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Top Gun 2: Cast

Who else can pull off the character of Maverick better than Tom Cruise himself. And yes there is far more action in this installment than the previous one. That goes to show that Tom’s rush for adventure has not diminished one bit. Starring alongside him would be his famous opponent from the first one, Iceman. The role would be played by none other than Val Kilmer. Jennifer Connelly will play the role of Pete’s love interest. Miles Teller will be starring in the role of Goose’s son, Pete’s best friend. Other additions to the cast include illustrious names like John Hamm and Ed Harris.


Top Gun 2: Release Date

Much awaited trailer for the movie is already out. It is as good as one can expect. Initially the movie was supposed to release on July 2019. But Paramount Pictures pushed the release date back to June 24th 2020. Fans are extremely excited for the biggest movie of this year.