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Val Kilmer Reveals He Has No Girlfriend From Past 20 Years and He’s ‘Lonely Part of Every Day’

What Did He Reveal:

One of the famous eighties American actor, musician and artist Val Kilmer has released his autobiography. I’m Your Huckleberry, in which he revealed many facts about himself. He revealed that he has been single since the year 2000 and hadn’t had a girlfriend for 20 years. He told in his book that he has always found women more interesting than men, and he has always had a good time with them. He compared men with big oafy elephants and women as butterflies.

His Previous Relationships

In 2005 was the last time he was spotted kissing Winona Ryder. He claimed that in 2004 he dated Angelina Jolie, but they were not committed into a relationship. Val has been in love with many beautiful women, including Daryl Hannah and Cindy Crawford. He also mentioned her ex-girlfriend Cher who he says that has always been in his mind and heart for the true love and friendship she showed. Cher helped him during the time he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015 by allowing him to stay in her Malibu guest house.

When Is the Book Releasing:

Simon & Schuster will publish Val’s 320-page autobiography on April 21 and is also autographing the copies for those who have preordered it early.

About His Current Life:

Kilmer has undergone a tracheotomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, which helped him to recover from his throat cancer. Still, it has affected his voice and is doing vocal exercises daily for recovery. He has two actor son Jack who is 24 and Mercedes with Joanne Whalley, whom he divorced in 1996. He will next feature in the movie Top Gun as Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky, which will be released on December 23 due to the coronavirus.

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