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Val Demings Says We Need Strong Leaders in White House So That We Can Heal Again

America is going through one of the most difficult periods in its democratic history. The Pandemic has completely destroyed the country claiming more than 100000 lives. Economic and Social Security System is at its all time low. More than 40 million people have lost their jobs in the last six months. On top of that the recent events of violence and discrimination in the world capital has caused widespread unrest. The events relate to the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. It has become an event of international importance with questions being raised on White Supremacy. The Trump Government has come under intense scrutiny for its malicious and unorganized response to the sequence of events taking place.

What incident took place in Minneapolis?

In Minneapolis there has been widespread protests regarding the death of George Floyd. Floyd was an African American man killed from physical torture by policeman Derek Chauvin. This blatant act of disregard has led to widespread protests all across the country. Entire incident was filmed on a recording camera. There we can say Floyd pleading for life as he could not breathe. This was because Officer Chauvin had put his feet pressed around his neck for a considerable time. The man died from a seizure which resulted due to this torture. After his death the officers were suspended from duty and charged with murder and assault.

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What did Val Deming have to say about the incident?

Congresswoman Val Deming intensely criticized the Trump Government for its unsympathetic attitude towards the issue. She said that a strong leadership was required to heal the nation from such a downturn of events. However the President had not acted sensibly in the past. Thus it is expected that he would not do so now as well. President Trump has also lambasted the Mayor of Minneapolis for not taking steps against the protestors. His constant array of racially discriminating tweets has been criticized from all quarters in the country. Many feel that this just might be the boiling point for the Trump era after three years of pressurized peace.

News about the protests

Recently many protestors had blocked the entrance to the White House Residence. It was guarded like a fortress by the military personnel and National Security Guards. The police used pellet guns and pepper spray to ward off the protestors. When even that did not work they used other methods of oppression like tear gas and water cannons. Protestors marched on with peaceful day protests and burning cars and buildings at nights.