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USA Charges Venezuela’s President for Narco Terrorism

The US accused Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro and several other senior officials for international drug trafficking.

This move, is bound increase tensions between the two nations and was given out by General William Barr. Moreover, the country also offered a $12m reward for any leading information related to the case.

The president has been repeatedly accused of crime being corrupt and he has every time rejected them.

Washington currently backs the opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

The new charges pressed show an escalation in the long going campaign on Mr. Nicolas which includes sweeping away the oil industry of the country.

While charging Maduro, the US indictment also charged a number of top officials of the nation which included the defense minister and the supreme court’s chief justice.

The charges include narco-terrorism, money laundering and corruption which were announced at a news conference on Thursday where he said that the president conspired “to flood the United States with cocaine” and “devastate American communities”.

Additionally, he said that he deliberately used cocaine as a weapon to undermine the health of the people of the USA. And they also accuse him of running a narco terrorism partnership with Farc which was a regime allowing them to conduct their trafficking for the past 20 years.

They accuse them of violating the public trust by shipping narcotics including control over planes from the country’s air base.

But Venezuela has not said anything about the allegations formally. Rather in a tweet earlier on Thursday Maduro called out US for conspiring against Venezuela and causing violence and disturbing peace in the country.

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