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ALL information about the “until tomorrow” challenge on Instagram is here you should know.

#Until tomorrow Have you been across this word yet?, if yes, then you have been caught in the trap and you have become a part of the “UNTIL TOMORROW” challenge.Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays, instagram is all fed with people posting their picture with this weird caption. This challenge is making everyone confused and it is spreading like a fire.Instagram users have gone mad behind this and it has become popular since the last 2 days.If you haven’t understood yet, let’s find out what this challenge means!


This challenge is basically about posting your most embarrassing or a weird picture with a caption ” until tomorrow”.The people who will like your post will also have to do the same task . The post will only be deleted after 24 hours and you have to tag people , whom posts you liked!.Seems interesting, right?The challenge goes with a message -“So, you liked my post,you have to post an embarrassing picture of yours by tagging me in the post followed by the caption ” until tomorrow”.In order to pass their time during this lockdown period and to do something interesting apart from their monotonous life, they are reacting positively to this challenge. However, we have haters everywhere and so does this challenge.Some people are against this as they believe this to be a total waste of time.They are comparing the seriousness of COVID-19 with this challenge and considering it to be ridiculous. But, this is just for fun.

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Nowadays, we can see our inbox filled by “mentioned you in story”. Lot’s of challenges are being seen popping up in our inbox. For example-drawing a fruit and tagging people or making  a digit with the help of usernames. Bingo is also being positively responded by the users. But , we should also keep in mind that we should avoid wasting our time in these social sites, this should only be upto relaxing our brain. We should use this quarantine period to do something productive which can be reading our favourite novel to spending some quality time with family.