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Ugly Delicious Season Two to be aired in March 2020 .

The mouth watering show featuring awsome culinary dishes that tastes good but doesn’t ‘Look That Good’ is coming back on Netflix.

‘Ugly Delicious’ is coming back with filmmaker Morgan Neville and the very popular Chef David Chang.

Ugly delicious is non fiction cooking show aired on Netflix on 23rd Feb 2018, hosted by David Chang. The show featured trip of David Chang around the world with artists, writers, chefs and activists who Use food as a tool to destroy and tackle cultural barriers and misconception.

The show had 8 episodes. In these 8 episodes Chang covered Dishes like Tacos, pizza, home cooking, Barbeque, shrimp and crawfish, fried chicken, fried rice and stuffed food.

On the Thanksgiving in 2018, Chef David Chang announced renewal of ‘Ugly Delicious’ on Twitter.

After long wait of nearly two and half years ‘Ugly Delicious’ will be on Netflix on 6 March 2020. Chang or Netflix has not announced the locations and dishes they will be exploring in the season two yet.

First season of Ugly Delicious was highly appreciated by audience and the media. Critic reviews were mostly positive while the show got criticised for some reasons. One of them is that the show featured more men than women and the episode with barbeque

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Chef David Chang is known as Momokufu emperor. He also hosts his weekly postcast ‘The David Chang Show’. He featured in the show ‘Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner’ by Netflix.

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