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U.S Senator Kamala Harris Reveals According to Scientists Mask Doesn’t Protect You It’s Protects Others Too


Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris otherwise known as Kamala Devi Harris was born on 20th October, 1964, in Oakland, California, U.S. She is 55 years old. She married her husband, Douglas Enhoff in 2014. Her dad’s name is Douglas Harris and her mother’s name is Shyamla Gopalan. She is the part of the Democratic Party. For the 2020 elections, she is the Democratic vice president nominee.

Is wearing mask really not helpful for us and only for others?

So many people are affected due to covid-19. The outbreak of the virus happened in January and February globally. The virus started from China last year, 2019, in November. Millions of people died due to this virus. The young children and old people are more prone to this virus. The number of people died globally has reached 1 million. U.S and India are two most affected countries in the world due to the outbreak of covid-29. The U.S president did not announce a lockdown as he wanted the economy to run. Due to this so many people still had to go to work and were getting affected. The cases have just been rising. It’s like there is no stop for this until the vaccine comes out. Hopefully by the start of next year, we have the vaccines ready.

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Kamala Harris has revealed that the scientist said that the mask is not effective for us but it’s for other person’s safety. If we put on the mask there are high chances for us not to catch any bacteria as there the other we talk to will also have the mask on and there are less chances for us to catch the bacteria. Harris also wants the testing to be free for anyone who gets tested as some of them can’t afford the money. Not all of us have a stable job so she wants the testing to be free as then anyone can get themselves tested without thinking twice.