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Tyrion Lannister memes in Game of Thrones That Will Have You Cry-laughing

Throughout all the eight seasons of Game of Thrones seasons, Tyrion Lannister, is one of the most famous essential and fan-favorite. Tyrion has remained favorite among the fans of Game of Thrones for a good laugh along with his hysterical and sarcastic wit. The eighth and final season of the Game of Thrones had left a bad taste in most of the fan’s mouths; people cannot deny their love for Tyrion.  Even fans wish Tyrion had been the one to wind up of the season on the now destroyed iron throne. 

Some entertaining memes of Tyrion Lannister

Let us treat ourselves to some entertaining memes about the character of Tyrion that will have us laughing:

  • By the end of the final season of Game of Thornes, Tyrion was the last Lannister standing in the series. Ironically, it means Tyrion was the tallest Lannister left alive.
  • There are many jokes from the height around Tyrion, but there was no one better at teasing his size. However, once the final season of Game of Thrones had concluded, Tyrion made some of the jokes regarding being the tallest Lannister alive.
  • One of the final acts of Tyrion in the series was pushing for Bran Stark to become the King of Westeros. There is probably a large contingent out there who would prefer Tyrion to end up on the throne himself.

  • Tyrion had some reason for choosing Bran to take the throne. 
  • The jokes were good for criticism as well as made towards the ending of Game of Thrones. Some meme feels appropriate to poke fun at the way Tyrion made that ending happen.
  • No matter is Tyrion moved away from it throughout the later seasons of the series. It was because alcohol was also a big part of Tyrion Lannister’s character. With every cup of wine, Tyrion was indirectly trying to create more and more meme potential. 
  • In the series, fans have also found Tyrion with a drink in hand accompanying some witty remarks. Along with memes, there are hundreds in which Tyrion praises or admits his love for alcohol.

Keep Laughing and stay tuned with us for more such memes. Keep enjoying it!

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