Tyler Perry Net Worth: All You Need to Know

The man in the list of highest-paid main in the field of entertainment. The American actor, writer, comedian, director, and producer had earned more than 130 million American dollars in just one year.

His early life-

Tyler Perry was born in the year 1969 on September 13,n New Orleans, United States. His father was a carpenter. Talking about childhood, he had faced many difficulties, but he overcame that and started to live his life on his terms. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Later on, he got to know that his father was not his biologically, which was indeed shocking, yet he believed in the power of his dreams, which turned him into one of the highest-paid men.

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His early career-

His writing-I Know I Have Changed was screen played, which he had financed himself. This happened in the year 1990. Then, he continued his stage productions with Fox Cinemas, Chitlin Circuit, and soon a time came when more than 100 million dollars of his tickets were sold, and approximately 20 million dollars was merchandised. His first movie was Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, which had a budget of 5.5 U.S. million dollars.

His other project included Daddy’s Little Girl, which grossed over 31 U.S. million dollars. And then a production under his guidance in which he acted -Why Did I Get Married, it made a total box office collection of 21.4 US million dollars. Madea Goes to Jail, The Family That Preys, Meet the Browns, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Good Deeds, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and many more follows the list.

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His personal life-

He is the owner of a 58-acre estate in Atlanta and a house in the year 2017 in Mulholland Estates in Los Angeles. He was married to Gelila Bekele, and the couple gave birth to their son on November 30, in the year 2014.

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His net worth-

He is considered as one of the highest-paid in terms of entertainment. He is indeed a successful producer, actor, comedian, and much more. His net worth is estimated to be 600 US million dollars.