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Twitterati Reacts After Lil Wayne and Lauren London’s Son Kam Looking Like Wayne!

Lil Wayne as we all know has cemented his place among the very best of rappers. Many do consider him the greatest of this modern generation along with Eminem. His songs have charted and topped all the singles list and has made him richer than any other rap performer in the world. His albums have been equally acclaimed by the critics and fans alike who have showered their love for the rapper over the years. However recently there was even more opportunity for Lil to be in the news.

What post did Reginae make?

Reginae is the oldest daughter of Lil. He has four children from three separate relationships. Reginae posted a photo of her dad and her three siblings. In the post, some have seen the photo of Kameron, who is the second oldest son of Lil. Many have identified the kind of similar facial appearance both of them share. It is uncanny because Kameron looks exactly like his father Lil.

Who is Kameron?

Kameron is Lil’s son with his relationship with Lauren London. The couple got together in 2006. In 2009 she conceived Kameron and soon after the couple separated. However they are still friends and have maintained a civil relationship with each other. Both Wayne and London have decided to mutually take care of their son Kameron. They are also looking to it that their son is not deprived of the love of either a mother or a father.

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Reactions on Twitter

As soon as Reginae made the post, it got viral. People started retweeting it and commenting on the stark similarity that Kameron shared with his father. Many commented by saying that the father son duo looked exactly similar and their similarities in fact were absolutely unrecognizable. Others replied to the comments by saying that the second oldest son would also grow up to a famous rapper like his Dad. Since he was under the complete influence of his Dad, he is sure to become famous one day and make his dad proud through his actions. Although Lil has had a very successful professional career. His personal life has been nothing but a litany of failures to live with one particular person.