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Donald J. Trump Shows Insensitivity Towards the Pandemic by Posting “Congratulations America” Tweet

The “Congratulations America” tweet proves how insensitive is Donald Trump about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

U.S President is facing a lot of hate as he is again has taken to giving more importance to the health crisis from the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday morning everyone woke up to a celebratory tweet from the U.S President in the happiness of the Senate’s vote to pass the legendary $2 trillion relief package for coronavirus.

Trump is probably happy because the economy could actually be saved as the federal money has come up in the stock market over the past couple of days.

But it is obviously very insensitive.

Trump’s focus has always been on the economy and the stock market which he plans on using an important card during the re-elections.

The situation in the USA is currently very bad as the healthcare workers had no other choice rather than to wear trash bags as there were loads and loads of patients to treat. A 48-year old, assistant manager at one hospital had also just passed away because of the disease.

The federal government’s package is bound to help people but not address the unknown problems of the pandemic.

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His tweet also shows his lack of understanding of how he doesn’t see the importance and gravity of the coronavirus.