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Trump Calling Schools to Reopen Citing His Teenage Son’s Recovery From Coronavirus in No Time

Donald Trump the current president of America is not going easy on his own son. And made the news of Barron being positive for corona a joke. In his current rally at the Des Moines, Lowa. He made a statement about the reopening of schools in America. He stated that ” Even Barron got affected by corona but with his good immunity he soon recovered, I don’t think he even noticed that he has been positive for corona”. The president from the start was trying to open schools in America as it is affecting the economy of country. With such selfishness of risking people with corona he didn’t cared for his own son and made him the bait to show people that childrens aren’t that much affected by corona and should be sent to schools back.

What the condition of Barron because of corona

In the starting of this month both president and his wife came positive for corona and now their son Barron is also came positive for corona virus. In a blog post First Lady maiden mentioned about her son’s being positive for corona and being asymptomatic, she mentioned that he dealt with it very well and now quite healthy and also negative for corona virus.

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How the statement made negative image of president again

There are many Trump supporter’s who follow him blindly but some facts can’t be ignored. He made the fun of seriousness about corona and even didn’t took his own sons condition carefully. Just for the shake of economy he continuously tried to open schools and for that he made many comments from the start like ” Corona can’t be spread through children or children have the best immunity they can’t get I’ll by corona” And many more.

Even though he was himself positive for corona he didn’t took it seriously and asked people to ignore the fact that corona is serious and move on with risking their precious Children life.