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Tropical Storm Bertha 2020: Massive Rainfall to Hit Toward North Carolina and Virginia

Tropical Cyclones and Storms are a thing of regularity in the country of United States of America. Every year a tropical thunderstorm strikes its coast causing great destruction. It brings along torrential rainfall and a great deal of damage to the aquatic habitat. This year too Cyclonic Storm Bertha is causing huge damage along the cost of America. Here are some information that can be provided about the storm in this specific region.

How is Bertha affecting North Carolina and Virginia?

Bertha as a tropical thunderstorm made landfall in the country. Wind speeds of around 50km per hour was recorded with wild gusts of occasional wind. Along with that the cyclone brought torrential rainfall to the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia. It actually made its landfall in Charleston at a particular local time. It brought about heavy rainfall there. Although the speed of the storm decreased considerably it led to a heavy downpour. From a cyclone it slowly transformed into a low pressure depression hovering above the coast. Flash flooding took place in the designated areas causing considerable damage to the roadways and embankments.

Effects of Bertha on South Florida

After North Carolina and Virginia, the depression moved over to South Florida causing torrential rainfall. Florida generally receives 5 inches of rainfall during the season. In one particular day it received about 3mm of rainfall in a span of around 6 hours of continuous rain. The next day it also received a large amount of rainfall taking the total tally to around 7mm if rainfall. Moisture content in the clouds was also relatively high, causing the huge amount of rainfall. Florida is generally a dry state with not much chance of precipitation in the area. But the rainfall was unexpected welcome news initially. But then as it’s intensity increased it slowly began raining almost 4-6 inches. In some places there was almost a foot rainfall.

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After effects of Bertha

Bertha caused tremendous damage to the crops and vegetation in the state. Due to waterlogging and flash floods, irrigation systems stopped working after some period of time. There was considerable delay in proper water drainage and the residue caused much harm. Hope the state would recover from this sudden jolt as soon as possible.