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Travis Scott and McDonald’s Are All Set to Collaborate Together

This article is about Travis Scott who is a well known American rapper and on the other hand Mc Donald’s with its headquarters in many parts of the world.

So now the two iconics are going to become a part of a single team through a new partnership with  cactus jack music label.

This Deal Has Been Confirmed by Scott and MC Donald on Thursday I.E 3rd September

From 8th September , McDonald’s is going to  add Scott’s favorite meal from the fast-food chain and this will include  a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ Sauce, and a Sprite in its menu for $6.They just didn’t announced the meal but also released that ,during  the promotion time McDonald’s employees will wear Scott’s label Cactus Jack designed custom T-shirts . This is going to be super exciting .

McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer Morgan Flatley told Business Insider that  the fast-food chain had started to think about collaboration with Scott more than a year ago ,because they knew that the rapper was also a very big fan of the chain.Due to this partnership ,this is the first time in history since 1922 that Mc donald has put a name of celebrity on its meal menu.

Flatley said in an interview on Friday that his ability to see where culture is going is really unique.And we all know that the numbers of followers and his audience are more in numbers than we can think about it .His social media is full of followers.

 Even some controversy is also there due to this partnership within Mc Donalds.Some franchisees are pushing back from this deal with  the rapper as they are thinking that the deal with the rapper can make them away from  some of the friendly and family loving people because of the explicit lyrics for which the rapper is known to us .

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Flatley told Business Insider  that many other franchisees and employees were excited about the deal and there are many who are against these norms. she even added that this partnership can be a key to attract and win younger customers .

According to Flatley, it is becoming difficult to reach the customer under the age of 34 years as they are  still the one who believes in recommendations so it’s very challenging to reach them .They are very much dependent on their friend recommendations and they are much indulged within social media

So Let’s See What Happens Next and What Will Be the Results of This New Partnership 

Stay tuned for more updates