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Toyota announces the launch of its new safety technology ‘Guardian’ in 2020

On Monday, January 7th, in an interview held in Las Vegas, Gill Pratt, chief executive officer of the Toyota Research Institute made an announcement stating that the company’s latest automated safety technology dubbed “Guardian” shall be unveiled by the year 2020.

Post a news conference held at the annual CES global technology conference, Pratt told reporters that the model is more limited than Toyota’s full self-driving system, which it labels its “Chauffeur” technology, however, “if the need arises, the car could drive itself.”

Pratt also revealed that other automakers would also be offered the same technology.

As per reports, it has been quite some time since a dual-track strategy for developing its self-driving cars has been pursued by Toyota.

Reportedly, The Toyota Research Institute’s senior vice president of automated driving, Ryan Eustice went on to define Guardian as “super advanced driver assistance”.

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