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Top Gun Maverick Val Kilmer Reveals About His Cancer Diagnosis

Hollywood Royalty, Val Kilmer attained unparalleled popularity after his role in Top Gun. He has been a part of a number of memorable projects in Hollywood. However bad times loomed up on him when he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015.

Val Kilmer’s Cancer Diagnosis and Cher’s Role

In his recently published autobiography, I’m Your Huckleberry, Kilmer said that he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015. Emotional and Physical Distress became a huge part of his life.

It was during this period in his life that Cher, the music icon was instrumental. The 73 year old veteran allowed Kilmer to stay in her guest house. His health was declining rapidly and he was growing weak and feeble by day.

Val recollects one of the incidents during this period in his book. He talks about an evening when he was vomiting blood and was passing from extreme pain. Cher was the one who called up the emergency services for immediate help.

Doctors arrived and took Val to the hospital where he was treated for a long duration. He underwent chemotherapy, tracheostomy and Radiation therapy. Cher was also there to help with any financial difficulties he encountered during this time.

Val in several of his interviews has highlighted the role of Cher in his life. He has called her the guardian angel.

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Life Post Cancer Diagnosis

Kilmer showed signs of recovery after two years of acute treatment. It was in 2019, that he was declared completely fit and cancer free.

After 4 long years of battle, Val was able to resume his normal life. Speech Impediment became a mighty problem as most of Val’s words couldn’t be comprehended. However he continued practicing speech therapy and other forms of throat exercises.

Such a big setback in his life did not diminish Kilmer’s love for acting. After he recovered completely, he signed up for a reprised role in Top Gun Maverick and many other movies.
Val’s ability to fight back from such a big adversity set a big example for cancer patients. He has also involved himself in a variety of cancer awareness programs. 60 year old now, Val intends to live a healthy life from here on.