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Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise is finally announced! Details updated

Trailer is here

After 1986, we are going to see Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2: Maverick again !!

Release date And the cast of Top Gun 2: Maverick has been fixed. Top gun released in 1986 by Paramount pictures. The movie was originally directed by Tony Scott and Jerry BruckHeimer and Don Simpson had produced Top Gun. Jim Cash and Jack Epps wrote the Screenplay of this famous action dramam. It was inspired by an article – Top Guns which was published in California magazine.

In 2012, The director of Top Gun Tony Scott passed away which nearly made the sequel off the table but it was confirmed in 2017. When Tom Cruise revealed the title of the sequel. Though Tom Scott didn’t want a sequel or a remake of the movie, it is finally happening.

Release date

Top Gun : Maverick is now confirmed to release on June 26,2020. 12 July 2019 was the first date of release of Top Gun: Maverick but it was pushed again. Now we will finally get to see the movie after years of wait !
The first movie Too Gun was Released on 16 May,1986.


Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski while first part was directed by Tony Scott . But after his death in 2012, Kosinski took the direction in his hands.

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Tom Cruise will be returning as captain Pete Maverick Michelle while in the role of Son of Goose – Bradley”Rooster” Bradshaw will be played by Miles teller.

Many of the original cast from first part are not coming back in the sequel.
Jennifer Connelly will play Mavericks love interest and the remaining cast involved in sequel of Top Gun: Maverick is Ed Harris, Val Kilmer , Glen Powell, Monica barbaro and Jay Ellis.