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Top 5 Trending Movie to Watch Right Now

With the world coming to a standstill amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a large chunk of the population has been stuck at home. To many, that might have been a fantasy before the lockdown. But, now that we are actually stuck in our homes, the reality has been starting to sink in.

And to beat that boredom, we have been holding onto streaming services and digital media like our life depended on it.

Rampant binge-watching and movie marathons have been the only hope among the slimming number of options.

Talking about movie marathons, there are a lot of top trending movies that you can watch right now! What to find out what they are? Read on to find out.


Starring Chris Hemsworth in the lead role, this movie has been creating quite the buzz. In fact, many would not be surprised to hear that, as of now, it is currently in 4th place among the top trending movies on Netflix India.

The movie has also managed to garner quite a handful of positive reviews. Devika Girish from the New York Times wrote, “ The debut feature by Sam Hargrave serves up a barrage of bullets and blown-up cars in a properly global thriller.”

The plot revolves around a mercenary or a professional soldier Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) who has been hired to rescue a drug-lord’s kidnapped son. However, there’s a twist and things are not as easy as they seem! Upon arriving in Bangladesh (where the kid has been transported to), Tyler has seems to have much more at hand than he anticipated.

Sounds interesting, right?

The Invisible Man

Are you a fan of thrillers? If yes, this movie is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The plot revolves around Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) who has just escaped an abusive relationship with her boyfriend (who is a mad scientist and businessman) Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Cecilia hears that Griffin has committed suicide and left $5 million to her, in his will.

But things are not as easy as they seem. The whole suicide is staged and Griffin, starts terrorizing Cecilia being an invisible man.

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This movie is dangerous and raw. In one word, it is a must-watch.

All the Bright Places

Starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith in the lead roles, this movie has been well received and has good reviews.

Violet Markey, who is still recovering from the death of her sister, has come a long way from what she was. The popular girl is now a lifeless spectator until she meets Thodore Finch, a resident “freak.” Their chance meeting blossoms into a beautiful bond. But, things get complicated soon after.

This movie basically treads on teen depression and bipolar disorder.

If you are a fan of romance and all things vanilla, your movie marathon bucket list is incomplete without this film. And don’t forget to keep your tissues handy!

Bad Boys for Life

Action, action and a lot more action! Is that what you’re looking for in movie? If yes, you must watch this movie.

When a Mexican drug-lord is imprisoned after a trial, his wife and son taken it upon themselves to seek revenge from those involved in his arrest. The wrath of the two falls upon Detectives Mike Lowrey and his partner Marcus Burnett who must save themselves from getting killed.

If this isn’t enough to get you hooked, the charisma of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence surely will!


If you Robert Downey Jr. can’t do anything but potray Iron Man, then you’re completely wrong. The actors on-screen charisma is sure to make you love this movie.

The plot is set in England and revolves around Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) who lives alone in his mansion. His exotic animals are his only companions and he is happy to keep it that way. But, when the Queen of England falls ill, the doctor and his friends must find the cure. They embark on an eventful journey to a mysterious island to find what they are looking for.

The Movie Is Appropriate for All Ages and Is a Recommended Must-Watch.

Go and Give These Movies a Try! and Definitely Let Us Know in the Comments If You Liked Them or Not.