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Top 5 Thing You Should Know About the Hobbs Shaw 2 !!

After the first movie, I personally waited very patiently for some official announcement. Now, Dwayne Johnson has officially confirmed that Hobbs and Shaw 2 is currently being developed. We will see Dwayne and Jason in a ton of action. The fans are now excited for some more information on the upcoming action movie.

Here Are Some Updates That You Should Know!

Idris Elba Might Return for a Role in Hobbs & Shaw 2

The British actor has been around for some time now and made a name for himself in the industry. He has been a part of Thor, Pacific Ri, and Star Trek Beyond. He also voiced in The Jungle Book as well as Finding Dory!

Now, He had a very important role in Hobbs & Shaw which released a year ago. He was the villain. He played Brixton, an enhanced psycho hell bent to achieve his goals. There are some possibilities that Mr. Elba might have a role in the sequel too. He’ll play Brixton, I guess but to what extent?

Hobbs and Shaw Might Team up With Some Other Characters

Hobbs and Shaw might go around teaming up with more people this time. They may have a big bad villain who is more powerful. Some rumours are going around that the characters will find themselves a new team. That new team will be the new Fast and Furious ensemble. Who knows it might consist of some pretty famous actors. We can’t really say for sure as to who will play what role without much information.

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Possible Release Date for Hobbs and Shaw 2

Since, Dwayne Johnson announced the movie recently. And the production has not been completed yet. We will have to wait for an announcement regarding the release date. There are some possible chances it might be in early to mid 2022. The production will have been affected to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Did Hobbs and Shaw 2 Become a Possibility?

The first movie found huge success in the box office. It was also appreciated to a high extent by the audience. This spin-off created its own very large fanbase. The first movie made nearly 4 times the amount of production. It made an estimated $759 million.

Ryan Reynolds Has a Role?

Dwayne Johnson, in an interview confirmed that Ryan Reynolds might have a role in Hobbs and Shaw 2. Oh cmon! Who doesn’t want to see him in action? I hope Ryan has a critical role in the sequel. I am fan girling this all the way without shame. Let’s wait for more information for now.