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Top 5 David lynch movies you should watch it out

David Lynch movies are movies that have different meanings and conveys a different message to the audience. His every movie was completely different from others and always conveyed so many different emotions that you can differentiate between them that which one is best. His movies were always were open for audience interpretation. Here are his 5 best films:

Wild At Heart:

A movie based on the love story of a couple whose love story saw a lot of ups and downs. The movie is the winner of Palme d’Or at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. The movie came at a time when violence was dominating the news in America. Lynch used it and converted a real-life situation into fiction. Its a story of Sailor and Lula who leave their houses and elope together. Later Lula mother hires a man to kill Sailor. Its a story of a couple who are trying to keep love first.

Blue Velvet:

A movie that started a new era for Lynch and made him one of the most popular producers of Hollywood. Its a story of a young man who finds a severed human ear in a field and he tries to investigate that from where the ear came from which leads him to Dorothy played by sabella Rossellini whose son has been kidnapped and each action of women is controlled by the kidnappers.

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The Elephant Man:

It was a film based on the true story of Joseph Merrick. It was a heart-touching and emotional movie. Its a story Joseph Merrick who was born with a congenital disorder and he used his appearance to earn a living and was known as elephant man. He was rescued by a Victorian surgeon who brought him to his house and helped him live a happy life.

Mulholland Dr. :

Its always recognized as one of the Lynch best work and involve some vivid imaginations. Its story about Rita who had a car accident and is trying to bring her life back to normalcy and find out who she is in which she is helped by Betty who is new to the industry. However, they face many problems as the place Mulholland had many secrets hidden in it.

Inland Empire:

It is a film that is totally different from the conventional storyline that was followed by the movies of that time. The film though was not completely different from  Mulholland Dr. and was part of experimental cinema and was a story of an actress who gets into her role so deep that in real life also she adopts her character.