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Too Hot Too Handle ‘Ludmilla’ Found Riding Jet Ski and Giving Sexy Looks

Who is Ludmilla?

Ludmilla is aa Brizillian song writer and singer. Her full name is Ludmilla Oliveria de Silva. People usually just call her Ludmilla. The 25 year old singer was born on 24th April, 1995, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. Recently she was seen on a Netflix show called ‘Too Hot Too Handle’. She gained a lot of fans because of coming to that show. The show came out this year during the summer. Many people have liked the show.  Her genre of music is Funk, Carioca, R & B, hip hop and pop. She has won two awards till now. Both of them were for Radio Music Awards Brasil in 2014 and in 2015. Her music is available in Jio Savaan, You Tube, Sptifty, You Tube Music, Gaana and Hungama. Her fans love her music. Her music is so catchy and really good. Some of her songs are  Invocada, Onda diferente, Cheguei, Verdinha, Amor dific il, Din Din Din, Cobra Venesova, Favela Chegou, SEM LIMITES, A boba fui eu, Fiu Fiu, Vem amor, 24 horas por dia, fala mal de mim, Flash, Espelho, 700 por hora and many more like this.

Ludmilla’s new instgarm post – She looks so good:

The Brazilian singer has 22.5 Million followers on her instagram. Few hours ago she posted a picture of her riding a jet ski and posing towards camera. She looks so beautiful in a white bikini. She is wearing a red sunglass and the whole look is looking really good at her. After this whole coronavirus situation everyone deserves a long vacation. Being at home for more than 5 months was more than enough. Ludmilla has fans all over the world. She has received a lot of likes for her new post and 1000 plus comments. Most of the comments are filled with people telling her how good she is looking in the picture.

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