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Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Every Updates

The popular Netflix has been doing well in the UK and the US. Netflix has only released one season of the show and fans are just loving it. Now, Too Hot to Handle season 2 is expected from Netflix. It is very popular in Australia too.

Release date of Too Hot to Handle Season 2

The show is supposed to keep its premise, a mystery. However, that was completed in the first season. The contestants would not normally know about what challenges will they facing. Fans have thought about this and that is the reason for their fear on the possibility of a second season.

That said, Netflix has not announced the second season. They will do this maybe after some time and will consider many points. However, there was a little tease for the second season by a producer. It was not much, he just said that we have some ideas to explore.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast Details

This time, it will not be the same cast. However, it is possible that some of the old contestants could be back with another role.

Plot for Too Hot to Handle Season 2

The show is based on a bunch of single people. They have to live together in a resort. Since, the show is on Netflix, they have a big budget. There is a prize at the end of the show. It is $100,000 to whoever wins it.

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Now, these people are in the mood and are expected to keep their feelings, in control. However, it gets pretty hard to do so when they face a lot of challenges.

They cannot have any kind of sexual activity with one-another. They cannot do it alone as well. This is done to make these people see that they can form long-term friendship. If they are lucky, it could lead to finding they love of their life.

The $100,000 is also a big motivating factor. However, if they break these rules, the prize money is reduced.

People really want to watch these people not being able to control their feeling. Singles are the ones who are happy, the most. The second season has been teased so we might get it after a while.

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