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Tony Stark Is Still Alive in Fake Thor Here Is the Love and Thunder Script Page

Wait just a minute…what???…That might have been the exact reaction of the Marvel Fans. Yes there were some news doing the rounds that Tony Edward Stark, aka Iron Man would be back for Thor Love and Thunder.

Will Tony Stark really be back?

In the Avengers Endgame we all saw how Tony sacrificed himself for the good of humanity. He tricked Thanos by wearing the infinity gauntlet and snapping the fingers, thus reversing the blip.

This led Thanos and his stupendous army to wither away while all the blipped characters returned to life after a span of 5 years. Thus the Avengers owe their life to Tony Stark. We all saw how they mourned his death at the funeral, which proved to be one of the most pivotal scenes in Marvel Cinematic History.

What are these rumors all about?

Rumors started blowing around when Taika Watiti displayed a script page from the new Thor movie on Instagram live. Fans saw a mention of Tony, where Thor was delighted and bewildered on meeting Iron Man. Watiti however confirmed later that it was just a prank, to keep the fans entertained.

Thor Love and Thunder would not feature Iron Man, since he is legitimately shown to be dead. But with his importance to the Avengers Universe, we might see a dream sequence between him and Thor. Well nobody actually can replace his suave, his attitude and his charisma.

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Thor Love and Thunder Release Date

This new Thor movie was supposed to release at the end of this year. However the ongoing global crisis in the form of Corona Pandemic has disrupted all schedules and postponed all releases.

All the major Marvel movies like Black Widow, Thor Love and Thunder, Shang Chi, Wanda Vision and Doctor Strange 2 has been delayed. Conjectures and fan theories are constantly doing the rounds, considering the overwhelming popularity that Marvel enjoys all across the globe. However it is very much in the news that Thor would release around late 2021. No specific release date has still been decided. After the trailer and teaser launch, things would attain a much clearer picture.