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Tomorrow Is April: Fools Day So Not To Make Jokes Over Coronavirus

As everyone knows on the 1st of April there is an April fool day in which people make each other fool and joke with each other, on this day everyone makes each other fool in a kind of joke.

But this year a deadly virus is attacking the world because many people died in the world and many others are infected from this virus.

There is also not any vaccine of this virus in any country, no one knows how to fight with it but still, a government of every country and doctors are trying to save the humanity they are trying their best.

Also, the public is supporting them by not going outside of their house.

This year the April fool is canceled by Google, as the 1st April is not shown as April fool on google.

Google also releasing people that they should not make this 1st April, the April fool day and google try to give respect who are fighting with this deadly virus, the infected people and also the doctors.

Google says that we have to support the world and the people this year and celebrate the April fool together on the next year.

This is one of the best step of google, they came forward for the doctors who are working day and night without any break for the people.

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And also the infected people who are fighting like a warrior with this deadly virus.