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Titan Season 3 : Are the rumours about the cancellation true ?

Live action adaptation series of ‘Teen Titans’ has been one of the favourites in DC fans. The series featuring The Adventures of a superhero team is created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff John’s and Greg Berlanti. The series is produced by Robert Ortiz for DC and Warner Bros.

Is third season cancelled or is it really happening ?

Though the rumours of Titans season 3 has been cancelled disheartened the fans, it is still happening. The good news is that the release of third season of the Titan is officially announced but we do not know the exact date of the release. It is known that it will release sometime in 2020, may be September.

Season one of The Titan aired on 12th October, 2018 and it consisted 11 episode while second season aired in 2019 on September 6 with it’s 13 episodes.

What will be the plot of third season ?

The Titans is based on the comic series ‘Teen Titans’ by DC comics. The story revolves around the team of superherod lead by Richard Dick aka Robin including Starfish, Kid Flash, Raven And Beast Boy. The team fights the bad guys to save the people in their city.


In last season, the team was seen fighting Deathstroke. We saw the falling of Donna Troy aka wonder girl in the last season. We might saw her coming back in the next season as Rachel believed that she might help Donna Troy with her powers and bring her back to life. Also Rachel is determined to leave Amazon.

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The biggest plot news about the third season is we will experience the terror or Blackfire as she will be arriving on the Earth to create havoc. Let’s see how the team Of Titan will fight the monster sister.

Cast :

We suppose the cast of season two will be back in season three. If the guesses are to be believed, Conor Leslie will be back as Donna Troy.

Brenton Thwaits will be playing Robin, Anna Diop will be seen as Starfire and Teagan Croft will be back as Rachel Roth.

Ryan Potter will play the role of Gar and Curran Walters of Jason Todd. Dove will be played by actor Minka Kelly and Subject 13 by Joshua Orpin.