Tiktoker’s are doing “lemon challenge” no expression is going crazy

TikTok has always been home to a platform where people challenge each other with some particular task and slowly the challenge starts trending on TikTok. These types of challenges are increasing nowadays as people are locked down in their home and they are finding challenging each other on TikTok as the best passing time. One of the challenges that is trending nowadays on TikTok is Lemon Snake Challenge.

What’s the challenge about:

The challenge involves a series of TikTok videoes in which people drink lemon juice and then they try to maintain a serious face while listening to Lil Keed’s song “Snake”. There is no official hashtag or trend associated with the trend but it is becoming famous by name Lil Keed’s “Snake”.

How did it start:

On March 22 the challenge was first performed by TikToker @madisonkulak16 and she was the first to upload her video. Her video collected 1.3 million likes in two weeks. The challenge is inspired by the TikTok trend Lil Keed’s “Snake” which was trending in mid-March. In that challenge, TikTokers waved their hand in front of their face and changed their expression to a serious look when the chorus said ” Snake”.The current challenge also has most of its parts similar to this trend.

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Who started this trend:

Addison Rae uploaded the snake challenge video on March 21st, 2020 in which with him @zanehijazi, @nataliemariduena, and @daviddobrik were also present. The video gained a lot of popularity with 5.2 million likes just in two weeks.

How did the challenge spread:

It all started with TikToker @mya5 uploading one of his videos on April 2nd, 2020 in which he completed the lemon snake challenge. It does not take long for the video to go viral and the video got 726,500 likes in five days. This attracted other TikTokers towards the challenge and on April 4th TikToker @spencerx and @dviddobrick also successfully completed the lemon snake challenge and uploaded the video. The video got 380,900 likes and 1.4 million likes respectively in just three days and the trend was set.