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TikTok Ratings Is Up Google Has Deleted Many Review As Per Their Policy

TikTok is a Chinese app owned by ByteDance. It is a Beijing-based internet technology company. It was founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. The app is basically a video-sharing social networking service and is used to create short videos mainly as short as 3-15 seconds. It is very really popular amongst youngsters as it is a multifunctional app and can also be used for lip-syncing, comedy, or creating any talent videos.

The app was first released in September 2016, then it released worldwide after merging with on 2 August 2018. It is currently available in 40 languages and has gained hundreds of millions of users.

TikTok Rating Gone Up

TikTok had to face much criticism in the past few weeks and it received many 1-star ratings and bad reviews on Google’s Play Store. All of this is supposed to star after a user posted a TikTok video of an acid attack. The guy’s name is Faizal Siddique and is a famous Indian TikToker having thousands of followers on various social media platforms. He has deleted the clip and has also apologized. 

Hashtags such as DeleteTikTok, BanTikTok, BlockTikTok have been trending on various social media including Twitter from the past two to three weeks. Numerous users have expressed their aversion for the app and that it promotes many useless activities such as animal cruelty, child abuse, domestic violence, physical harm, violence against women, objectification of women, racism, etc.

Due to the poor rating and all the backlash, the app resulted in having a very bad rating and it deteriorated from 4.5 to as low as 1.2. Google removed many of these hate and negative comments and it looks like that the app has finally recovered a bit in terms of its ratings. And currently, it shows 1.6 in Europe. However, the reason for deleting all the reviews have not been revealed by Google.

Although it has improved, users are still complaining about the quality of content and rating it low as they consider YouTube a much better platform than TikTok, supporting a famous Indian YouTuber CarryMinati. 

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