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Tigertail Netflix Release Date and Others Updates Grab It

Netflix recently released its monthly list of releases of web series, movies and documentary films for the month of April. And it’s much anticipated film, Tigertail is on the list for the April release. Film by Alan Yang, its a story about a Taiwanese family, their sacrifices, kindness, remorse and compassion. Netflix released the official teaser trailer for the film on YouTube.

The film showcases a young Taiwanese boy, heading for a better life in the USA in expense of his life and love which he had to sacrifice in his homeland. Production for the film began in 2018.

Release Date

The movie already released in Taiwan on August 27, 2018. And it is coming to the digital platform of Netflix on April 10, 2020 for the global audience to experience this slice of life film.


The cast of actors of different backgrounds like Taiwanese, American, Chinese. In the leads, we have Christine Ko as Angela, Bill Dawes as Todd, Fiona Fu as Zhenzhen , Tzi ma as Grover, James Saito as Hank, Hayden Szeto as Eric, Margot Bingham as Lara.

Why should you watch this movie?

The story involves around a family in Taiwan, a family drama that reveals the lives of migrants from different country coming to America to settle down here for a better life and better opportunities for themselves and their family and kids.

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The trailer shows a young Taiwanese boy, who’s a hard worker and is in love with a girl from his homeland. Seeing how hardworking he is, he’s given an opportunity to go and live in the USA while looking after his boss’ daughter.

He then pursue a lifestyle and dream and finally settles down there with his hardwork. But in contrast, he had to leave his lady love and the life he used to live in Taiwan. He’s spends rest of his day with an unhappy married life. He sees himself as a failure.

But Then, He Decides to Clear All the Mistakes He Had Done, and Start Anew.