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Tiger King: Big Bang Theory’s Artist Kunal Nayyar Gags Kaley Cuoco’s Husband of Watching Too Much of Tiger King

Johnny Galecki aka Leonard Hofstader, from The Big Bang Theory had some fun with Karl Cook. Actually, Kaley posted a pic of Karl and herself. Johnny and Kunal Nayyar commented with some funny remarks for her husband’s beard. Now, the couple is currently at their home with their son due to the ongoing pandemic lockdown. Karl has grown a good-looking beard over this period.

What did Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nayyar say?

On Kaley’s Instagram post, Johnny commented saying that if something happens to him, can his kid take residence in Cook’s beard. He just made a really funny remark. However, it does not stop here. Kunal Nayyar aka Raj, also from The Big Bang Theory commented on her post. He basically joined in on the fun and said that Karl has been watching a lot of Tiger King.

What was the Kaley’s post?

Well, Kaley Cuoco posted a pic of herself and Karl together at their home. She also wrote a caption which said ‘natural habitat’. They were outside in the garden area and just chilling together. Here, see for yourself.

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Natural habitat 👫☀️ 🌌

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What happened after?

Her co-stars then wrote comments on her post. She and her husband are at their home back in California. Their special mansion is very new. Even though, the couple got together in that house in March, they actually got married a while ago. Back in 2018, she married Karl and when she was on Jimmy Kimmel, she said that they have not lived together.

However, They Had to Do so Due to the Coronavirus Lockdowns and Quarantine.

Kaley Cuoco and her husband are now together at their house after such a long time. However, they seem to enjoy it. Kaley is posting on her Instagram from time to time and we can see the couple together, just chilling. They and countless others are giving their contribution and ensuring everyone is safe from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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