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Tiffany Haddish Shaves Her Head Is It True That? Here’s Actress Is Thinking Right Now

This quarantine has been productive for some and really frustrating for others. Especially for movie stars with a busy schedule all throughout the year, the quarantine has been a big gasp of relief and respite. With traveling around the world being a part of their regular norm, this has come as a welcome relief. We have seen several movie stars trying out different kinds of things during this lockdown period. While some have tried their hands and cooking and performing regular chores, others have focused on the different domestic aspects of life. Filmstars have also undergone tremendous physical changes during this quarantine period as well.

Tiffany Haddish Shaves off Her Hair

The 40-year-old comedian-actor has been a busy person in quarantine. Recently she uploaded a video on Instagram live which has shocked the entire showbiz world. In the video, Tiffany is seen shaving off her hair completely. At the end of the process, she strips off the rest of her hair. In this task, she is assisted by one of her hair. When she has difficulties clipping off her own her, a friend of hers is seen taking the clippers and cleaning them off the head.

Why Did She Cut off Her Hair?

After cutting off all her hair Haddish claimed that she was intrigued about doing this. She said that she had seen all the parts of her body on the mirror and knew them from mole to mole. But the only part of her body that she was unaware of was her scalp. So Tiffany decided to expose her scalp and have a look at it.

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How Did She React to Negative Opinions?

There were people who questioned her sanity when she performed such a thing. Tiffany in reply said that this was something she had wanted to do for a long time. Her completely balanced mental state of mind was responsible for this action. She was not under the influence of any sort of depression. Haddish also remarked by saying that keeping the hairs was a kind of worry for her. Braiding it and maintaining it on a regular basis was an arduous task for her during this quarantine period. Thus she decided to let them go and embrace this new look of her life.

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