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Thousands Gather at Black Lives Protest Around UK to Seek Justice for Geroge Floyd

The tragic death of Geroge Floyd has sparked a revolution against racism around the world. People are coming out in large numbers to voice their opinions in the cause. The protest which started in the US has not gained much force in the UK as well.

15,000 Peoples Gathered for the Rally

There were multiple protests organized in the UK to show support in solidarity with the US. Despite public gatherings banned in the country people have violated the law and come down to the streets. Over 15,000 people have joined in a rally in Manchester for the cause. While the Black Lives Matter protest is gaining movement, the Govt. officials are concerned regarding the spreading of the coronavirus again.

London, Bristol, Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Bath are the major area where the gatherings have been taking place.

Even Kids Were Seen in the Protest!

Reports say that a protester named Jonathan Fashanu and his wife, in London’s Parliament brought their kids —one aged 2 and other of 9 months— to the protest.

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The protesters kneel down and raised a fist outside the US embassy in London. It has been a peaceful protest until now with no violence as of yet.

Many were seen wearing masks and following social distancing measures to tackle the coronavirus. Masks distribution was also carried out by some people during the protest.The UK protesters have also been calling out the names of the Black people that have died in the hands of the UK police in past years.