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This Thursday’s NBC Town Hall News Is All About Savannah Guthrie as She Dared to Won Over Trump and His Theories

We all like to come up with our own crazy conspiracy theories. Recently, the United States President, Donald Trump had retweeted someone else’s tweet on twitter. The tweet was about how Joe Biden, Navy SEALs and Osama bin Laden being involved together. After this tweet was retweeted by the President so many people started retweeting and many were frustrated with the President for the President to retweet something like this.

When he had made an appearance on the Thursday Night town hall, the host of the NBC news, Savannah Guthrie had shown her frustration against President Donald Trump’s retweet during the show. She had addressed the problem and was not happy with President Donald Trump’s answer.

He said that he had just retweeted someone else’s opinion and it’s up to the people to assume whatever they liked. She went on to say that he’s not someone’s crazy uncle who can retweet anything and whatever he likes.

So many people supported Savannah Guthrie for this because she was doing the right thing. No one was happy the way the President had answered. This is not the first time people are disappointed with President Donald Trump’s tweet. In the past also there have been times where the President had tweeted something which did not please the public.

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The entire episode was basically on this matter and people were happy that someone finally spoke about this out. The elections are coming really soon and many celebrities areĀ  urging their fans to go and vote and not to let their vote go waste. Now a days during any performance the celebrities are bringing up the elections and requesting the fans to go and vote. Many celebrities even came on to their social media handles and posted stories requesting people to vote. For more updates, stay tuned.