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This New Discovery Could Help in Curbing the Coronavirus Outbreak

There are many severe cases of coronavirus that doctors are having difficulty in treating. Most of these cases involve a certain condition which is called ‘Cytokine Storm’. This condition can happen to people with the virus and it may cause death. This means that, in your body, your immune system is normally supposed to fight invaders. But in this situation, your immune system becomes your enemy and attacks you along with the virus. Doctor are doing their best in order to lower this reaction in severe cases. They are doing so with the help of medicines. It is very hard to take control of this situation though.

What is the solution for this problem?

Right now, in a time of crisis, scientists and doctors have resources at their disposal. That is the reason they can try to use a certain therapy instead of these medications which are unreliable. They can be helpful in normal situations but coronavirus is not normal at all.

How would this work?

Researchers at MIT who were studying these Cytokine storms for the past 10 years have finalized the proteins which were created last year. This was likely a bit before the outbreak. Okay, the current plan is that these proteins will be injected in a patient. This would take care of the cytokines which were caused due to the cytokine storm. It would relieve the severe problems in a patient.

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Besides that, the researchers put in a lot of work in this for the past decade. They developed different versions to find out the best one. The timing is great too with the coronavirus.

Also, these researchers created a procedure in order to transfer these proteins by using amino acids. The condition was that they should have comparable structures in order to be exchanged. After they did that, they created different versions of these proteins.

What more can this do to help?

Cytokine receptors turned out to be more helpful than we asked for. These will resist the cytokine storms which happen in other problems too. It would help with storms created by HIV, cancer, hepatitis and some other problems.

The people behind the creation of these protein stated that these will soak in the excess cytokines. When they tested, it was found that immune system is not attacking them. Everything that will enter your system without ringing the alarm will be taken care of by the immune system.

However, the implementation of this process will take some time. Until then, there may be other helpful solutions for us to look forward to in order to get hope.