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This Is Us Season Finale Recap: All Details Regarding Episode 18

This is us, season finale recap: All details about episode 18

This episode has so many poignant moments pulling at your heartstrings, it has all that a season finale should offer. Keep ready a handful of tissues for you are surely going to need it.

The resolution
The resolution to Randall and Beth’s problem came in the form of Philadelphia. Yes, they are moving to Philadelphia. In the words of Beth,” We don’t work when we’re apart but together we set the world on fire.” So Beth will start her own dance studio in the area while Randall will continue as the city councilman.

The fight

A big fight ensued between Randall and Kevin. They leave no words unsaid and it soon turns ugly.

The realization
Zoe realizes that Kevin wants children even after his denials. She realises that they cannot be together as they both desire different things in life You should be a dad,” she says. “Kevin, you should raise 500 perfectly symmetrical kids. You’ll be amazing at it. And I want you to have that. I want you to have everything you want. But I don’t want that.” That brings the end to their relationship.

Good news

Baby Jack can be taken home which makes Toby and Kate breathe a sigh of relief.

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The Conclusion:

Beth and Renadall are together. There might be something wrong with Rebecca and kevin has a son.