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This Is How Dolly Parton Look Without His Wig

Dolly Rebecca Parton, famously known as Dolly Parton is a multi-talented woman. Along with being a singer, songwriter, actress, she is also a businesswoman, instrumentalist, and humanitarian. She is known mostly for her work in country music.
The 74 years old singer has been active in the industry for a long time now and who doesn’t know her. She has been larger than life despite her small stature. She is undoubtedly immensely talented and a very sporting woman too.

Apart from all of her multi-talents, she is also very famous for her wigs which apparently adds a few inches to her height. In a very recent interview of hers, she was seen talking about her very famous wigs. She revealed how she looks without them.

She says, she doesn’t prefer wearing wigs all day long or during her day to day routine but she normally poufs her hair up. During an interview with Elle magazine, she says that she likes her hair to look flashy. Also, she likes wearing scrunchies when she is at home and fix her hair in a cute way. She finds wigs to be very handy and while she is busy in her day she has various choices. She never has a bad hair day and she is happy about it, obviously.

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We can’t imagine Dolly without her wigs and her makeup which actually makes her look too extra but anyway we love her in it. We have normally never seen her dressed down. But the last time when we had the closest glimpse of her in it was in her latest. She looked beautiful in it and surely it was difficult for us to take our eyes off that lady. That was the most natural look of hers that we have seen in recent times and she looked very sweet.

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