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These Are the Top Most Binge TV Series to Watch on Netflix 2020

Home Quarantine proving to be too boring!!!! Just can’t resist yourself at home!!!

Want to engage yourself in something that might really be interesting? Well here are 3 TV series which can help ease your anxiety while you sit at home #NetflixandChill-

Breaking Bad

Seasons 5 Episodes 62

Well, what’s the use of watching a TV series, if you do not watch the greatest of them all!!!

With a fascinating plot and par excellent cast in Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, this American Crime Drama is the epitome of success in the world of web shows.

The Walking Dead

Seasons 9 Episodes 131

One of the most polarizing shows of all time.

This journey of a man in a world of post-apocalypse is an absolute must-watch.

Intricate Detail and lucid storyline make it even more brilliant.


Seasons-10 Episodes-220

Well, This TV show needs no introduction.

If you haven’t watched it twice or even thrice, it’s futile.

Comedy, Drama, Love, and Friendship are the true cornerstones of this epic TV show.

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