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These Are the Things the Pittsburgh Penguins Got Worse in This Season

The Penguins, prime contenders of Stanley Cup have become laggards.

They have always battled for supremacy. A very consistent hockey team, success has always greeted their doorstep.

However, this season has been completely different. NHL has not been a happy hunting ground for the Penguins.

Reasons for Failure of the Penguins

Inadequate Defence

Penguins’s defensive play is well renowned all over the hockey World.

Their impenetrable style of defending with maximum men at disposal is always unique and interesting.

However their defenders have been lacking positional strength this season. They have let in silly goals. Rushing excessively has left their defence in a worse condition.

The new recruits haven’t also been able to perform.

Mental Approach

The mental conditioning of the time has not been good.

Constant crticisms is not helpful for their morale. The fans have also not been loyal to their side.

Over confidence and complacency has crept in the team and staff management.

The coaches are unable to coordinate with the team members.

Tactical Errors

Penguins’s have made numerous tactical Errors.

Their substitutions have been ineffective. Forwards have lacked the intent to score.

Acute injuries to crucial players have not helped their cause. The players have had behavorial problems with the management.

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Overall for a champion team like Penguins, it is disappointing. Fans hope to see a reversal in fortunes the next season.