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There Are No Active COVID-19 Case in New Zealand

The whole world is battling against the novel COVID-19 pandemic for the last three to four months. The situation across the world has become worse due to this virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 affected the people of a total of 216 countries and territories. On the other hand, New Zealand has totally recovered from this pandemic. There are no active COVID-19 cases currently in New Zealand. This news is the great news amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The people of New Zealand made it possible by following the lockdown rules. 

New Zealand Is Now COVID-19 Virus-Free Country:

For the last 17 days, there is no active case of COVID-19 found in New Zealand. This is great news for the people of New Zealand. The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, announced in a conference that New Zealand is now free of the novel COVID-19 virus. They have successfully beaten the wide-spreading virus. The novel COVID-19 virus started to spread in the month of February in New Zealand.

COVID-19 Case in New Zealand

How Did the People in New Zealand Make This Possible?

The people in New Zealand achieved great success to eradicate the novel COVID-19 virus. However, the prime minister of New Zealand warned people to follow the lowdown rules strictly. People took it so seriously and followed lockdown. Lockdown in New Zealand was for complete seven weeks. Only the essential stores were open and all the other shops remained closed for seven weeks. People stayed at home and cooperated with their government.

In New Zealand, out of five million people, the novel COVID-19 virus affected a total of 1,500 people. Out of these 1,500 people, 22 died and all other remaining people recovered from the virus. The Health department of the country told that the virus affected the last person has recovered now. The death count of the country is relatively less. The efforts of doctors and nurses paid off. They made it possible to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

What Steps Will the Prime Minister Take After No New Case in New Zealand?

As the country became COVID-19 virus-free, the prime minister of New Zealand announced that she is going to lift up all the lockdown restrictions. Further, she told that lockdown would move from level 2 to level 1. Also, the boundaries of the country will remain closed. Again, she said that all the businesses within the country could continue. People can organize events without any rules and regulations. However, within three months, the people in New Zealand enabled to eradicate the spread of the novel virus.

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